• Happy volunteers cooked some really fantastic food!
  • Houston officers
  • Houston outreach
  • Houston volunteers
  • Madam Consul Ethel giving final instructions to the volunteers
  • Most colorful display -- Emilie's Philippine Parols in full colors
  • PACC Texas Volunteers having fun before taking their posts
  • RGV BOD in their first Consular Outreach
  • RGV Volunteers with Consular Officials
  • VC Dyan with a large group of happy dual citizens
  • Wacky shot of the Consular officials and Dallas PACC volunteers
  • Young applicant ror passport
  • 8th batch of dual citizens
  • Consul Rhea swearing in dual citizens in RGV
  • Consular officials with some RGV officers
  • bootstrap slider
  • Gary swearing in the RGV chapter
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Click here for pictorials of award-winning Consular Outreach Project in Dallas, Houston and McAllen.

Consular Outreach Schedules:

  • October 15-16 - Dallas
  • November 19-20 - Houston
  • Watch for the 2017 schedule here

"Community Service at its finest!"

The Consular Outreach Program is organized, managed and funded by the PACC Texas 8 times a year, 3 in Dallas, 3 in Houston and 2 in McAllen, Texas. It has saved more than 25,000 Filipinos in Texas and neighboring states more than $12 million in travel costs. The Consul-General has described this project as "Community Service at its finest!"


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